Reason for a blog

Hi everyone, thought I’d start a blog to express and share more clearly and succinctly various mathematical ideas, thoughts, speculations and discoveries. I’ve got quite a few math videos at my YouTube site (called Insights into Mathematics at user: njwildberger) and in my MathFoundations series there I occasionally need a place to post longer streams of thoughts.

Might also share some of the admittedly mild adventures of a pure research mathematician, and answer questions that people might have. My mathematical journey has not been particularly standard, and I have been privileged to have stumbled across so much lovely mathematics. I would like to share some of that with you, as well as other speculations and opinions, a bit of personal stuff, some dreams and aspirations, and musings about this remarkable, difficult, and occasionally beautiful world in which we find ourselves.

Thanks in advance to my family for support, and to the Australian taxpayer who indirectly supports academics like myself, giving us a boost up, to see a little bit further. Hope you don’t hesitate to leave comments, ask questions, and share your ideas too.

Norman Wildberger, Sydney

2 thoughts on “Reason for a blog

  1. Dr Neena Joshi

    It is very good and of course a valid reason for starting a blog, I am happy that you have started this blog.

    In India, so far I have heard about the blogs by celebrities only, and their tweets, like ” I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDFATHER!!!”
    and believe me, it would become National News!

    Okay, fine, any new arrival in the family is good news, we are happy for him but is it NATIONAL NEWS ?

    So when I visited this blog from an academician, I am very pleased. Isn’t it nice that academicians also have a blog and they write something sensible on it? Some Information, some points to discuss!

    So we are getting ready to visit the exhilarating wonderland of Mathematics with you.


  2. Ronnie

    Thank you so much for capturing your thoughts and sharing them with us. I deeply appreciate your taking the time to write these posts as well as to provide your video lectures. You lay things out in a plain, uncompromising manner and I always learn something from your work. Many thanks!


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